CycloShield Bike Safety Sensor


UK startup CycloShield launched a Kickstarter campaign today for their new “passive safety” device. Packed with a variety of sensors, wireless connectivity, and a 5MP camera, this seatpost mounted device will record threatening drivers, find safer routes for you to ride, and notify emergency services in the event of crash.

CycloShield is equipped with a set of sensors that will detect any accident or fall you might have on your bike as well as the approach or threat of another vehicle coming too close. Using a built-in GSM module (cell service), CycloShield can contact your “In Case of Emergency” person and the local emergency services, delivering your GPS location. Much like the ICEDot, you have 30 seconds to turn off the emergency alert if everything is ok, via a warning indicator on your phone.

Once some sort of infraction occurs (accident or car too close), CycloShield will also start filming to ensure you have evidence of the incident. As the device collects data over time, it makes note of dangerous roads and can make suggestions to you regarding safer times and roads to cycle.

In addition to all the safety features, CycloShield acts like a normal bike computer, recording your training sessions and enabling you to view the data on your phone or upload it via WiFi to your favorite activity tracking software.

Installation is straightforward–just secure the latch onto your seatpost where the device clips in and out.

CycloShield is a pretty cool concept but will you pay $440 for the added peace of mind?

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