Mazama Designs Dualocity Dual Hydration Reservoir


Bend, OR based outdoor product design company Mazama Designs has come up with a new take on the hydration reservoir. The Dualocity reservoir can hold both water and electrolyte drinks at the same time, allowing you to sip from either on the go. 

The Dualocity hydration system features two side-by-side reservoirs, each with its own drink tube and bite valve. The two drink tubes can be routed over separate shoulders or together down one pack strap. Each tube features a high-flow bite valve with magnet retention system. Quick release connectors enable the hydration tubes to be connected or disconnected quickly for easy cleaning.

The Dualocity reservoir is designed to fit into standard hydration backpacks. Each side holds about 30 oz. of fluid, for a total capacity of 60 oz. or 1.8 Liters. The side-by-side reservoir design creates a low-profile system, helping to minimize any sloshing as the water level decreases.

The Dualocity easily converts from a dual to a single large reservoir. A sealing clip between the two reservoirs can be removed to fill both sides with the same type of drink. Removing this clip also makes for easier cleaning across the two sides.

The Mazama Dualocity reservoir retails for $39.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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