ECCO BIOM Helps You Run As Nature Intended

After seeing statistics that showed runners' foot and ankle injuries have not declined in 20 years, ECCO decided to follow the minimalist path and initiated the BIOM project. With a goal of creating a running shoe that took full advantage of the foot's natural systems for absorbing impact, the ECCO BIOM line of natural running shoes was born. 

ECCO has found that excessive motion control and cushioning leads to a weakening of your muscles and ligaments. To instead mimic a more natural running state, ECCO BIOM running shoes rely on innovative materials and anatomical structures. 

The ECCO BIOM is a low profile shoe that gives you a very natural and dynamic running feeling. Anatomically correct flex grooves follow the biomechanics of your foot, providing better push off and maximum forward momentum. 

ECCO is probably best know for their direct injection PU process. A liquid PU material is injected directly around the upper to create an anatomically correct midsole and outsole. This enables ECCO to shape the inside of their shoes like your foot itself, while creating a water tight bond without any glue or seams. 

ECCO uses Yak leather in the leather version of their BIOM natural running shoes. Up to 5 times stronger than ordinary leather, Yak can be made much thinner, allowing for lightness, resiliency and breathability. 

The ECCO BIOM shoe may achieve natural running characteristics but seems to not quite go the full barefoot route. For example, the BIOM A meant for serious runners has an 8 mm rise between the forefoot and rearfoot and weighs roughly 310 grams or 10.93 ounces. The running shoes also feature a rounded heel and horizontal heel flex to help absorb impact, meaning ECCO is still expecting you to land heel first. 

Three different versions of the ECCO BIOM natural running shoes are available- A, B, and C- based on your speed and training level. ECCO will also offer a trainer, walking and golf version of the BIOM. 


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