The GearCaster CITO Geocaching Event

Geocaching Cache In Trash Out Weekend

The time has come! We have hidden Travel Bugs across the U.S,, and if you are the first to find one this weekend, you win a prize package full of great gear from our sponsors. Remember- we are celebrating Earth Day and this is a Cache In Trash Out event so be sure to bring a trash bag or two with you, stick around after you find the cache, and help clean up your local open spaces. Be sure to post your photos on The GearCaster Facebook page or tweet us @thegearcaster.

We originally hoped to hide a total of 10 Travel Bugs by this weekend, but unfortunately were only able to get 5 out there, with one buried deep under freshly fallen snow. So, I am posting the 4 readily accessible ones here and will continue to post/hide the remaining Travel Bugs even after this weekend, while still honoring the gear awards for the first finder. I will be sure to update you every time a new Travel Bug is hidden.

Now grab your trash bags and get out there. Good luck and most importantly have fun!

Here is the list of 4 caches you are seeking today:

1. Sutro Baths, San Francisco, CA: GCP2T8

2. Cupid Goes Green, Clearwater, FL: GC2NN9Q

3. Mountain Gear, Spokane, WA. This is an event only cache so I did not bother to register it on the website. The cache details are as follows:

Name: Rolling Down The River

Coordinates: N 47 40.585 W 117 24.617

4. Bayfront East, Mill Valley, CA: GCDA03 (This one has tons of trash cleanup potential!)

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