Spy Tec Inventio HD Video Sunglasses Review

SpyTec Inventio HD Sunglasses

If, like me, you are not too keen on the sight of an action camera sticking out the top of your head, or have secretly always wanted to be a spy, you now have a way to inconspicuously capture great HD video. With a camera built right into the nose bridge, the Spy Tec Inventio HD Sunglasses
will add a ton of fun to your outdoor adventures. 

The Spy Tec Inventio look and feel just like regular sunglasses, but unlike your average sunnies, the Inventio hide a full 720P HD video camera in the bridge with 16 Bit digital audio recording. All your great action footage is captured on the 8GB of internal memory.

A single button on the left temple is used to start and stop the video recording. Recording mode is indicated by a flashing green light, which can be very hard to see in direct sunlight. I usually had to remove the sunglasses to verify the recording had actually started, not unlike the classic "Is this thing on?" you get with a GoPro or other action camera.

Unlike the GoPro, Hitcase, or some other action camera setup, however, you know exactly the field of vision you are shooting with the Inventio HD Sunglasses. Just make sure your cycling cap or hat brim are out of the way (made that mistake a couple of times).  

SpyTec Inventio HD Sunglasses

Spy Tec claims to use an advanced video stabilization technology, together with an extremely high ISO, to ensure you never have shaky videos. But as you can see in the video below, you are still going to get some shake, even more so on a mountain bike. 

The rechargeable Li-ion battery will last for up to two hours of shooting time. The HD sunglasses come with a USB charging cable that also includes output cables in case you want to watch the video on your TV. 

The Spy Tec Inventio HD Sunglasses
retail for $129.95 and are available now. Just promise me you will use them for good and not to gain creeper status. 


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