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You Can Now Own A Piece Of SlingFin


As of yesterday, Title III of the JOBS Act went into effect. Small companies now have the opportunity to offer up part of their equity to non-accredited investors, namely those of us with a net worth less than $1 million or earning less than $200,000 per year. For fans of the company in question, it’s like buying into a Kickstarter campaign but in return you get a tiny slice of equity instead of the future promise of product and a T-shirt.

Slingfin Takes The Everest Challenge

Slingfin One Up Tent

Newcomer Slingfin has set out to design a tent where all components are equally strong, making the tent stronger as a whole. Last weekend, the company held a puja ceremony at their new home in Berkeley, CA to bless the upcoming Everest climb with Mountain Trip, where the Slingfin tents will be put through their paces.  

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