The Indestructible And Versatile SlingFin Honey Badger Pack

Honey Badger

Bay Area company SlingFin has always done stuff differently. So it’s no surprise the team decided to approach backpack design from a completely new angle. After years of testing and modifications, the Honey Badger, which we got a preview of at Press Camp last summer, is finally ready for prime time.

The Honey Badger is an easily modifiable, DIY-friendly, and nearly indestructible pack that will last through years of heavy use and abuse. Made of a semi-rigid HDPE shell and a woven polypropylene thermoplastic composite, the pack is designed to be extremely versatile and functional for a wide range of activities.

The Honey Badger carries more weight comfortably than a fabric pack of comparable size because of its rigid construction. Instead of needing a separate frame inside the pack, the pack’s body itself functions as a frame to evenly distribute the weight for a comfortable carry.

The pack body can be modified by melting or cutting holes in it, which allows you to add straps wherever you see fit and to customize the pack to suit your needs. The Honey Badger can also be used as a bicycle pannier with a small accessory, providing a hassle-free way to carry the bag on your bike.

Throw a bike light or headlamp inside the pack and the translucent shell material will illuminate for added visibility when riding in low-light conditions. Reflective cord further increases visibility for enhanced nighttime safety.

SlingFin Honey Badger

In addition to biking, the Honey Badger works well as a climbing pack. The integrated daisy chain provides an abundance of places to clip gear and clothing, and sharp pieces of gear won’t poke you in the back when stored inside the pack.

An optional laptop sleeve suspends inside the pack to protect your laptop from impacts in case the pack is dropped and allows it to be removed and used by itself. A magnetic, auto-closing buckle facilitates easy one-handed opening and hands-free closing of the pack lid.

The Honey Badger is constructed out of bomber materials — the hard HDPE/polypropylene shell provides extra durability and abrasion resistance when compared with traditional fabric bags. While the pack body itself is very weather-resistant, it ships with a waterproof roll-top inner dry bag for fully waterproof protection in adverse weather. The dry bag comes with its own shoulder straps so it can also be used independently of the outer shell.

In a couple of weeks, SlingFin will launch a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders on the Honey Badger pack. Delivery is expected to start as early as November.

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