Cotopaxi Teams Up With Wigwam to Create Llama Socks

Libre SocksThe Libre Sweater is arguably one of Cotopaxi’s most popular products. So to follow up on that success, the do-good brand took the same ultra soft llama fiber and applied it to socks. Available in a few unique styles and a variety of crazy colorways, the Libre Socks will put both the comfort and the fun in your next adventure.

The Libre Socks are made from hollow llama fiber — they are naturally hypoallergenic, soft, and super breathable. The fibers are knit into a durable yet plush terry fabric, making them super cushy and moisture wicking with every step.

Instead of manufacturing the socks in South American or Southeast Asia like other products in the catalog, Cotopaxi turned to one of the ultimate American sock makers — Wigwam. Based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Wigwam has been knitting socks since 1905. They know what they’re doing.

The smooth-wrap uppers will never fall down and get all bunched up in your shoes or boots, while the ribbed arch gives you 360-degrees of midfoot support.

The Cotopaxi Libre Socks went live on Indiegogo earlier this week, with guaranteed shipping before the holidays.

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