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Boardworks Kraken SUP Review


About 71 percent of the world is covered with water. Here’s a great way to get out and explore it! SUPs are fun, efficient, and easy to use, but buying a paddle board can be complicated. There are so many choices. There are inflatable boards, river boards, race boards, surf boards and everything in between. I’ve tried dozens of boards, and found the Boardworks Kraken to be everything I need and more.

Folding Stand-Up Paddle Board For Easy Transport

Origami Paddler

Although stand up paddle boards can be fun, they are big, bulky, and difficult to store or transport. Tim Niemier, the inventor of the sit on top kayak, has once again used his fresh perspective to create a folding stand up paddle board that is not only as stable and secure as a solid board on the water, but extremely portable.

Training Wheels For Your Stand Up Paddle Board

Water Wings Stand Up Paddleboard

To help you learn how to stand up paddle surf, Coreban has created a pair of training wheels for your board. The Coreban Wings offer you approximately 30% more stability when riding and will speed up your learning process.

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