Training Wheels For Your Stand Up Paddle Board

Water Wings Stand Up Paddleboard

To help you learn how to stand up paddle surf, Coreban has created a pair of training wheels for your board. The Coreban Wings offer you approximately 30% more stability when riding and will speed up your learning process.

Two Coreban Wings fit on either side of your stand up paddle board. To assemble, simply remove the side fins from your board and place them into the Coreban Wings. Once you have the fins fixed in the wings, mount the wings back into each of the side fin boxes and you are ready to go. 

stand up paddle board traning wheels

Removing the side fins and placing them in the Coreban Wings will greatly assist with balance and also help you through the initial learning stages of catching a wave. 

The Coreban website has some great tips on choosing the right equipment for beginners to the more experienced as well as guides on how to do various sweet moves like the revert tail slide. 

I really want to try stand up paddle surfing so think I need to get myself over to Hawaii soon!

Have you tried stand up paddle surfing and what do you think? Would you be caught dead using these training wheels while you learn? Supposedly Coreban has received some mixed reviews so far about their Coreban Wings. 

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