PRIMUS BrewFire Gas Powered Coffee Maker

PRIMUS BrewFire gas powered coffee maker

Tired of cowboy coffee? Wanting your normal gourmet coffee fix while glamping, car camping or even road tripping? With the introduction of the BrewFire coffee maker, PRIMUS has created an unplugged solution for you to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere in the outdoors.

The gas-powered PRIMUS BrewFire coffee maker will deliver you full-flavor coffee while in the outdoors. The coffee maker offers you the choice of using either propane cylinders or butane fuel cartridges to brew your pot. 

The BrewFire is as easy to start as your coffee maker at home. To begin, just pour in your gourmet coffee of choice and add water. Then simply turn the knob and flip the switch to ignite the burners. Water is heated by an efficient burner system and fed through a mesh-metal reusable filter.

A double walled stainless steel thermos holds 1.2 liters worth of coffee and keeps it piping hot throughout the morning. For safety, the BrewFire coffee maker will automatically shut off when the brewing process is complete or if it is accidentally tipped over. 

The BrewFire coffee maker weighs only 2.9 kg (6 lbs) so can easily be taken with you camping or on road trips. A standard 230g PRIMUS PowerGas cartridge is sufficient to brew 20 liters of coffee.

The PRIMUS BrewFire coffee maker will be available for Spring 2011.  

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