Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

The latest in the Wenger Evolution series is the EvoWood range of Swiss Army Knives. Featuring the same high quality blades and tools you have come to know and love on other Wenger products, the EvoWood knives are functional pieces of art with distinctive handles made from Swiss Walnut. 

The EvoWood range includes four different Swiss Army Knives, each with a popular tool configuration comprised of knife, wood saw, scissors, pliers, universal wrench, screwdrivers, can opener, corkscrew, reamer/awl, nail file and key ring. 

The convex and concave EvoWood handles are constructed from sustainable walnut wood using waste material from other production processes. The natural walnut is colored in a rich dark stain to create individual shades and grain patterns in each pocket knife. 

The EvoWood Swiss Army Knives are a direct product statement of Wenger's support of conservation efforts across the globe, from their home in Switzerland to the remote region of Southern Chile. The company's title sponsorship of the Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race helps protect one of the world's most important ecosystems. 

Perfect for light outdoor use, the Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives will make a stylish, nature-inspired addition to your gear bag. 

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