REI Adventure Dog Boots Review

REI Adventure Dog Boots

Lola has been wearing her
REI Adventure Dog Boots
for over a year now for everything from hiking and snowshoeing in Tahoe to keeping her paws burn free on hot tarmac during those rare sweltering San Francisco days. Once we got the sizing right, I found that the dog boots have helped Lola to better enjoy her time with us in the backcountry. 

The dog boots are very easy to put on. Unlike a few of the customer reviewers over on REI, we have not had a problem with the dog boots turning over 180 degrees on Lola's paws. Occasionally one will fly off if we have not fastened the velcro closure tight enough but we have had more success keeping on the REI Adventure Dog Boots than the ones from
Ruff Wear
, as they are a bit heavier. The REI dog boots also appear more flexible and mold to Lola's natural foot movement. 

On every hike, Lola takes a couple of seconds to get used to wearing her dog boots again but after a few "Daffy Duck" steps, she is back to her usual peppy stride. The first time you put your dog in the dog boots, I would recommend having some treats on hand to take your dog's mind off of the boots and move forward. 

These dog boots appear to be very durable. After a year of use, we lost one velcro buckle loop to an impromptu tug of war session between Lola and her boyfriend Buckeye. The boots are easy to clean- after we get back from a trip I just place them in the laundry bag with her leash and harness and throw them in the washing machine. 

Most importantly, the dog boots look cute! If I had a dollar for everyone that stopped us on the trail to ask about Lola's "cute dog boots", I could buy you all a beer. 

These dog boots have been invaluable for helping us bring Lola safely hiking in the backcountry where we don't have to worry about hurting her pads on the sharp granite or ice build up. We have even used the boots to keep Lola from licking an infected paw pad while it healed.  

Bottom Line: Lola gives them a 4 paws up as she is happy to have her own set of dog boots for hitting the trails. The REI Adventure Dog Boots retail for $39.50 and can be bought of course from REI. 

REI Adventure Dog Boots


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