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Garmin Strava

Garmin Integrates With Strava

Garmin Strava

The moment all you hardcore cyclists have been waiting for—starting today, Garmin announces full integration with Strava (also MapMyFitness and Endomondo). From now on, when you get back from a ride or run, not only will your data automatically upload to your Garmin Connect account, but it will be instantly shared across to your Strava account.

Suunto Teams Up With Strava For Seamless Integration

Suunto and Strava

All you Strava addicted Suunto watch users no longer have to export your Movescount gpx file to upload to Strava or worse yet, bring both a phone and watch on your ride or run. Sunnto teamed up with Strava in order to seamlessly connect the two services, automatically transferring your workouts from Movescount to Strava when you are done.

Wahoo Bluetooth Speed And Cadence Sensor Review

Wahoo Blue SC

My iPhone is quickly taking over as my outdoor computer of choice. I regularly use it to track my hikes and now with the Bluetooth sensors from Wahoo Fitness, my iPhone doubles as my cycling computer on all of my mountain bike rides. Using the new Wahoo Blue SC speed and cadence sensor together with my Blue HR heart rate strap, the Strava app running on my iPhone captures all my performance data along with the detailed GPS route information without any extra phone attachments. 

MOTOACTV- A Fun Way To Track Your Workouts


When the MOTOACTV first came out, I was excited by the prospect of using only one device for multiple activities and not having to completely replace all the sensors and other accessories I had already bought. I purchased the MOTOACTV with corresponding wristband, and have since used it to track all my workouts including running, cycling, hiking, and mountain biking.

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