Suunto Teams Up With Strava For Seamless Integration

Suunto and Strava

All you Strava addicted Suunto watch users no longer have to export your Movescount gpx file to upload to Strava or worse yet, bring both a phone and watch on your ride or run. Sunnto teamed up with Strava in order to seamlessly connect the two services, automatically transferring your workouts from Movescount to Strava when you are done.

As of today, you will find Strava in the Connect/3rd Party Apps section of your Movescount account, with a huge red button labeled "Connect with Strava". You can choose precisely which types of activities you want to automatically sync – rides, runs, or all moves (non rides or runs will appear as workouts in Strava). 

As is with all good Strava partnerships, the duo are celebrating with the launch of the Suunto Sisu Challenge. Although no direct translation exists, sisu is roughly the equivalent of bravery and determination in Finnish (or perhaps the personal character required to make it through a Finnish winter). The Sisu Challenge invites Strava members to run 40 miles between May 17 and June 1, something I imagine many of you could bang out in a matter of days. 

If you successfully complete the challenge, you will receive a free Suunto heart rate belt and three-month Strava Premium membership when you purchase an Ambit2 R. In addition to the Ambit, you are now able to purchase a variety of Suunto products from the Strava shop. 

What say ye Suunto users or wannabe Suunto users? Is seamless Strava integration a make or break for you?

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