New Balance Opens Pub Where You Can Exchange Strava Miles For Beer

The Runaway Pub

To help runners prepare for the London Marathon at the end of April, New Balance created the ultimate training incentive. Teaming up with Strava, the running shoe brand opened a pub in central London where patrons can exchange their Strava running miles for pints of beer.

Over the course of the next couple of months, New Balance created four different challenges that enable you to exchange your running miles for pints. Once you join the challenge and register with New Balance, you’ll get a Runaway card to be added to your phone’s wallet. This card will be filled with the miles you ran on Strava and will be used to cash in on those beers.

Everyone who signs up for the challenges will qualify for the following:

– An exclusive Runaway badge in Strava upon completion.

– 50% of challenge: 2 drinks at The Runaway pub.

– 100% of challenge: 3 drinks at The Runaway pub.

Runaway App

The first challenge is already underway but you have until March 3rd to run 40 miles. Challenge 2 will be to run 13 miles in one go, Challenge 3 to run 60 miles, and Challenge 4 to run a 10K. Sorry — virtual or treadmill runs don’t count so you have to get your butt outside.

The Runaway Pub is located on Charing Cross Road in London, close to Leicester Square Tube station. In addition to a fully stocked bar upstairs (you don’t have to drink just beer), there will also be pub grub on offer, so make sure you invite a friend to come celebrate with you. Downstairs at The Runaway you can also join workout sessions, train, and check out the latest running gear from New Balance.

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