Feedback Sports Uses Strava Data to Tell You When to Service Your Bike

Feedback Sports

A feature I always thought Strava should incorporate somehow is now finally coming to fruition — but from Feedback Sports. Feedback’s bike maintenance app now integrates with Strava to pull all your mileage data in order to help you know when it’s time to conduct a little maintenance on your bike(s).  

While the Feedback Sports maintenance app itself is not new, its integration with Strava is. The app allows you to log and track all the service on your bikes, along with component replacements and upgrades. Now, instead of using calendar dates to remind you when it’s time to do things such as replace the tires on your road bike or add sealant to those tubeless tire on your mountain bike, the app uses your actual mileage and riding time put on each bike that ride with Strava. This makes complete sense since the amount of days it takes me to get to 1000 miles is much different than say, Ted King.

The updated app can now remind you to lube your chain every 100 miles (doesn’t everyone lube their chain before every ride, however?) or service your suspension fork after 200 miles of riding. It also can help you measure how long your components and tires last.

Feedback Sports also recommends you use the app to show the mechanics at your LBS so they know what has been done to your bike and when. This could help them diagnose problems and quickly figure out that maybe the awful creaking noise is coming from your 5-year-old bottom bracket.

The app also stores all your bikes’ serial numbers, list of components, and photos — something that could come in handy when you go to sell your bike or if it sadly gets stolen at some point.

The updated Feedback Sports app is available now for both iOS and Android.

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