You Can Now Add Weather Data to Your Strava Activities


Have you ever returned from a extremely windy ride and embarrassed by how slow you look in the Strava activity feed? Most people type in comments or update their description with something like “crazy headwind out there today” or  “so hot I wanted to die.” Be embarrassed no more as now you can add weather context to all your rides or runs thanks to the Klimat App.

Klimat enables you to automatically include your activity’s weather details in your Strava feed. You can choose the data you want to show, set your format, label it how you want, and even use your own language.

You don’t need any special devices, just connect the Klimat app to Strava and it handles the rest. After you upload or update an activity in Strava, Klimat looks up the weather for the specific time and location. It then adds the conditions to the activity’s description. Should you already have a witty description of some kind, Klimat will simply add the weather to it.

The Klimat weather data includes an Activity Feel measurement, kind of like your Relative Effort score, that indicates what it really felt like when you were out there. Klimat extracts details from your activity and the weather and uses them to calculate the temperature you felt during your activity.

Klimat was recently developed by software engineer Scott Ferguson after he got sick of not having enough weather context in his feed. He found out that many of the rest of us wanted to same feature so he used Strava’s APIs to build Klimat. He named the app Klimat as it means ‘climate’ in Swedish to match Strava’s ‘strive’ in Swedish.

There is a free and premium version of the app. Premium is only $5 per year and gives you access to more data between simple weather stats in your activity profile. You can play around with details like Activity Feel, Cloud Cover, Dew Point, Feels Like Temperature, Humidity, Ozone, Pressure, Temperature, UV Index, Visibility, Weather Summary, Wind Bearing, and Wind Speed.

I am curious if Strava will eventually incorporate this feature into their own platform but most of us get some level of temperature data from our Garmins or other cycling computers already. Just not this detailed.

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