You Can Now Ski in Your Snowboard Boots


Do you regularly snowboard but also like to ski once in awhile? Or do you absolutely hate wearing uncomfortable alpine ski boots but don’t want to pay the high price for a pair of modular ski boots like Apex and Dahu? There may just be an alternative solution for you.

The MadJacks were born of a simple idea to adapts your snowboard boot to a standard ski binding. Similar to a modular ski boot concept, the MadJacks create a rigid exoskeleton that wraps around your snowboard boot and serves as the connection point to the ski bindings.

The back support stays firmly in place, providing the leverage you need for downhill performance.  In addition, the ankle and calf strap create a cinching mechanism around your snowboard boot to keep it from sliding around. The inventor claims that the MadJacks generate all the stiffness you need to be able to ski in your snowboards.

The MadJacks system works with all snowboard boot brands, including those that use Boa closure technology. The system is designed to all ISO and ASTM standards related to alpine ski boot geometry (ISO 5355) and has also passed release testing.

The snowboard boot/MadJacks combo is normally a bit longer than the size ski boot you would wear so you may have to adjust your bindings a small amount but you won’t have to remount them.

Not convinced? Check the website for a few places across the country where you can try out a pair before making the plunge. But at only $250, the MadJacks are a lot cheaper than buying a brand new pair of custom alpine ski boots to keep your feet from hurting on the mountain.

For Fall 2019, the company hopes to introduce a touring version of their product. The AT version will be designed with a similar philosophy in mind —  an open chassis that will wrap around any snowboard boot that will then click into newer alpine touring bindings.  MadJacks will be refining the design during the year with the plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the new system in the fall.

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