New Modular Ski Boot Hits the US Market


Designed in Switzerland, the Dahu modular ski boot gets set to hit the US market. Similar to the Apex modular ski boot, the Dahu boot consists of two separate parts to make walking easier — the semi-stiff yet comfortable inner boot and the hard shell that provides the lateral support needed and connection point for alpine bindings.

Instead of the carbon fiber used in the Apex boots, Dahu uses a Grilamid plastic shell that features a series of strategic cutouts that eliminate pressure points and two hinged pieces– one at the rear that grips your heel and the other at the front that you close around your foot. The two pieces clip together and lock securely using a two-buckle system.

The internal boot is made from a flexible molded polyurethane, fitted with a waterproof membrane, and a real rubber sole, making them exceptionally comfortable for your feet. Unlike your classic ski boots, you can wear these inner boots all day long in the ski resort for walking, hiking, driving, shopping and even après time.

When you are ready to ski again, you just need to slip on the exoskeleton and clip into your skis. The Dahu boots supposedly offer the same performance as a traditional ski boot.

Dahu USA is run by ski industry veteran Clark Gundlach, who spent 22 years at Burton. “After thousands of days on the mountain, I know what an uncomfortable boot feels like. This product has the potential to revolutionize the ski boot business,” says Gundlach. “It’s an innovation that the industry deserves. I’m excited about that. A pain-free ski experience will bring joy to every vertical foot of your day.”

No word on exactly when Dahu will start shipping in the US but the plan is for sometime in the fall of 2019. Expect prices to be around $700 for a pair. The Dahu modular ski boots will come in both a medium and hard flex version for both men and women.

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