Apex Modular Comfortable Ski Boots

Apex Comfortable Ski Boots

Boulder, CO company Apex, founded by legendary ski boot maker Denny Hanson, has completely rethought ski boot design. Taking the comfort of a snowboard boot and mixing it with the performance characteristics of a ski boot, Apex has created a comfortable ski boot that you can wear both off piste as well as on. The modular Apex ski boot combines an inner boot for fit and comfort with an outer carbon shell that controls closure and flex.

The inner portion of the Apex ski boot is a light, snowboard type boot that can be heat molded to your own foot. When removed from the outer carbon chassis, the rubber, high-friction outsole allows you to safely walk on snow and around town in your inner boots. A Boa Lacing System enables you to minutely adjust the fit and ensure your boots won't loosen during the day. At the base of the boot is a composite shank for support, stability and energy transfer.

Apex comfortable ski boots

The inner boots fit inside the outer chassis made of 100% carbon fiber with a rigid foam-insulated floor for added warmth. A carbon fiber cuff fits snuggly around your calf to provide excellent edge control. The cuff is fully adjustable for custom shaft alignment. Snowboard binding type closure straps and ratchet buckles secure the inner boot to the carbon chassis and make for easy entry or exit. 

The A-Flex suspension system connects the cuff to the lower chassis. With the suspension system, the degree of resistance and level of forward lean can be customized to your personal preference or type of terrain. These modular ski boots are all about adding comfort and convenience to a high level of performance. 

The innovative Apex ski boot will set you back $1295 and can be bought from the company website or at select dealers across the US. 

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