Polartec Adopts Repreve 100 Recycled Fiber

Polartec and Repreve 100 recycled fiber 

On the back of their Power Shield Pro introduction, Polartec, the leading manufacturer of technical, high performance fabrics, has partnered with North Carolina company Unifi to introduce fleece fabric made with Repreve 100. Repreve 100 is a recycled polyester fiber made from 100% post consumer waste. One pound of Repreve 100 yarn uses approximately 27 water bottles. 

Polartec, together with Patagonia, are credited for creating the first fleece over 25 years ago. The current Patagonia Synchilla Vest is now made from 85% recycled content, and serves as a great example of the long lasting Polartec-Patagonia sustainability partnership. You can follow the entire product life cycle of the Synchilla Vest over on Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles. 

Working in conjunction with Unifi as a fiber supplier, Polartec has grown its recycled product line from 1% of total production to over 35% in the past four years. Polartec now has a goal of using as much post consumer content as possible in addition to post industrial and shift even more of their production to recycled by 2011. 

Unifi's U-Trust verification program ensures that Repreve 100 recycled fibers are traceable, transparent and certifiably sustainable. Repreve fibers are third-party certified for recycled content claims and with the company's unique Fiberprint Technology, Unifi can verify that Repreve is in any garment and in the right quantities. 

Fabrics made from Repreve 100 fiber have the same look, feel, and performance of those made from virgin polyester fibers. Used by some of the top brands in world such as Patagonia and The North Face, Polartec can now offer 100% post consumer recycled fabrics to their customers and ultimately to you and I. New products made from Repreve 100 branded fibers will be available from Polartec starting Spring 2011. Keep an eye out for the Polartec Repreve 100 hang tag on gear you are looking to buy. 

So how important to you is gear made from recycled content and gear that is recyclable? Does it influence your purchasing decisions? Brand loyalty?

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