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Vibram FiveFingers Flow Review

Vibram Five Fingers Flow

During the latest REI member sale, I decided to buy a pair of
Vibram FiveFingers Flow
for running on the beach. I now wear these shoes exclusively for my 2-3 beach runs every week and have even tested them out on some mountain trails. While the FiveFingers are heaven on the beach, I am not quite ready to graduate to barefoot trail running. 

Vasque FootSync Fit System For Trail Shoes

Vasque Transistor FS Trail Shoes

Vasque's patent pending FootSync Fit System is all about connecting your feet to your trail shoes, while at the same time connecting you to the trail. With a custom fit that conforms to your entire foot and an outsole that responds to the trail without sacrificing cushioning, the new
Vasque Transistor FS trail shoes
will help motivate you to head out and start running.  

HOKA Super Cushioned Trail Shoes

HOKA super cushioned trail shoes  

Despite all of the buzz surrounding barefoot running at the moment, French footwear company HOKA has decided to go in the opposite direction. Called Hubbles, HOKA's new line of super cushioned trail shoes will debut in May 2010, with the Mafate edition the first to be released. 

Newton Running Moves Into Trail Shoes

Newton Running Trail Shoes

Boulder, Colorado company NewtonRunning is set to launch their first line of trail shoes. In their third year of business, Newton now offers 16 different shoe models to accommodate runners of all abilities who want to improve their form, speed and efficiency. The trails shoes have been in development for over two years and will incorporate Newton's exclusive technology from their original road running line.

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