Vasque FootSync Fit System For Trail Shoes

Vasque Transistor FS Trail Shoes

Vasque's patent pending FootSync Fit System is all about connecting your feet to your trail shoes, while at the same time connecting you to the trail. With a custom fit that conforms to your entire foot and an outsole that responds to the trail without sacrificing cushioning, the new
Vasque Transistor FS trail shoes
will help motivate you to head out and start running.  

The FootSync Fit System starts with Vasque's Immerse 360 last. In most trail shoes, the bottom of the last itself is flat and a separate footbed is added to create a shoe closer to your actual foot shape. The Vasque last however, focuses not just on the top of the foot, but also on the shape of the bottom of the foot and eliminates the need for that extra footbed. 

In addition to the last, the FootSync Fit System includes the Waveform midsole that mirrors your overall foot shape and gives continual support. A shape-shifting Flux Foam pad further customizes fit and constantly adjusts to your foot shape as you run. The midsole and foam pad work together to cradle your foot for the ultimate cushioning and fit combination. 

Without the need for an added bulky footbed, the trail shoes let you get more intimate with the terrain, bring your stability closer to the ground and reduce overall weight. The Synapse outsole uses a special geometry that includes a combination of rounded edges and tapered lugs, allowing it to conform rather than resist the uneven ground beneath you.  

The Vasque Transistor FS is the first trail shoe to employ the FootSync Fit System and is the company's lightest trail shoe to date weighing in at just 10.8 oz. The Transistors are available now and retail for $100. 


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