AFFIX Free&Fix Does Away With Flip-Flop Hubs

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Bike component company Affix designs innovative BMX and mountain bike parts for both manufacturers and consumers. The company's latest creation is the Single Speed/Fixed Hub that lets you switch from a fixed to a coasting drivetrain by the simple turn of a dial. 

Designed for the mountain bike, the Affix MTB SS/Fixed rear hub locks and unlocks by pressing and twisting the big outer ring. Depending on the terrain, you can now simply reach down and switch your bike from fixed to single speed and vice versa. 

A normal flip-flop hub is a rear hub that is threaded to accept fixed cogs and/or freewheels on both sides. It allows you to change between a fixed and a freewheeling option by removing the rear wheel and flipping that wheel around. The nice thing about flip-flop hubs is that you can have different cog sizes on each side of the hub. 

With the Affix rear hub, you will be stuck with one cog size but perhaps that is good enough for most scenarios. The benefit is, you will never again have to get off your bike and take the time to flip your rear wheel around, all to just end up with greasy hands.  

The 32 hole hub is made of 6061 Aluminum and features a 14mm hollow Alloy Axle with 3/8" steel adapter. The hub comes with either a 14 or 15 tooth cog and fits 120, 130 and 135mm rear spacings. 

I can see how the Affix rear hub would be useful for mountain biking as you can ride up the hill in fixed gear and quickly switch to single speed for the ride down. I would love to know if you can retrofit the hub with different cog sizes in case you wanted to use something other than 14 or 15. Also, is this rear hub still compatible with disc brakes, especially for use on a mountain bike?

The Affix rear hub costs $270 and can be bought from Ben's Cycle. 

 (via Wired)

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