Krunk Surfing Fin System-No Tools Required

Krunk Surfing Fin System 

Tired of not having a screwdriver when they hit the beach, the team at surf and kite shop Krunk Surfing decided to develop their own fin system that would require no tools whatsoever. Called KFS, the new system will enable you to mount or demount your surfboard fins in a matter of seconds so you don't have to miss out on that surf while the conditions are good. 

With a normal surfboard fin system, you need an extra tool such as a screwdriver in order to mount or demount your fins. You almost never have the tool handy when you need it and often enough the fin screws themselves get damaged, rendering them useless.  

Inspired by the quick fastener system that connects a windsurf sail boom to the mast, Krunk wondered why they couldn't have the same technological advancement on a surfboard fin. Since no tools are required with KFS, you can easily change out fins to match the different sail sizes in windsurfing or quickly remove your fins to pack up your board for the drive home. 

To install, simply push the fin into the slots on the bottom of the surfboard and press against the spring force of the pin. Push the fin towards the neck of the surfboard until you hear it snap into place. You're done! 

Rubber plugs on the top of the board protect access to the pins so you can't hurt yourself while riding. To demount the fins, simply remove the plugs (they are attached to the board so you won't lose them) to get access to the pin. Pull up on the pin keeping tension on the spring and push the fin toward the front of the board then pull out. It's that quick and easy. 

Since the fin is connected to both the top and bottom layer of the board, the surfboard fin is stiffer and stronger against lateral forces. The system will also keep your board from getting damaged if you accidently ram into a reef as the fins will self release under a maximum load. The Krunk Fin System will fit surfboards, kiteboards and windsurfing boards.

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