GreenFix Eco-Friendly Surfwax

GreenFix surfwax

Winner of the EuroSIMA ecological innovation project, Biarritz based company Natural Technology has developed an eco-friendly surfwax called GreenFix. The result of three years of research and development, GreenFix is a petrochemical free wax made from natural, bio-degradable and non-toxic materials. 

Apart from the eco-friendly properties of the wax, the real innovation lies in its resistance to heat. The melting point of GreenFix wax is above 60 degrees Celsius- unmatched by any other product on the market. Shaped in the form of a comb for easy application, GreenFix comes in 5 different varieties based on local surfing conditions: Basecoat, Xtra-Cold, Cold, Cool/Warm and Tropical. The Company plans to donate 1% of profits to the European Surfrider Foundation.

GreenFix is pushing hard the 100% made in France angle and apparently selling only to the French market (saying Californian and Australian wax has too large an eco-footprint). Perhaps a big marketing mistake that will limit their growth in the long run? Hopefully the EuroSIMA project prize money of €5000 will help the Company build an online presence, exposing GreenFix to the rest of the world. 

GreenFix surfwax

Click here for a current list of French shops where GreenFix is sold. 

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