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World’s First Biodegradable Surfboard Foam

Biom biodegradeable surfboard foam

For over 60 years now, when construction moved away from traditional wood, the majority of surfboards have been made out of petroleum products. While these materials have allowed the sport to make significant advancements in surfboard design and performance, it has also made a huge environmental impact. For the past few years, the surfing industry has taken a hard look at how to reduce that impact with much success. 

Kelly Slater Brings The Ocean To You

Kelly Slater Wave Company

Surfer Kelly Slater is closer to realizing his dream of giving everyone access to good quality ocean waves, every day of the week. Kelly hopes to create this new surf lifestyle through a breakthrough technology that creates natural feeling, world-class waves.

Krunk Surfing Fin System-No Tools Required

Krunk Surfing Fin System 

Tired of not having a screwdriver when they hit the beach, the team at surf and kite shop Krunk Surfing decided to develop their own fin system that would require no tools whatsoever. Called KFS, the new system will enable you to mount or demount your surfboard fins in a matter of seconds so you don't have to miss out on that surf while the conditions are good. 

GreenFix Eco-Friendly Surfwax

GreenFix surfwax

Winner of the EuroSIMA ecological innovation project, Biarritz based company Natural Technology has developed an eco-friendly surfwax called GreenFix. The result of three years of research and development, GreenFix is a petrochemical free wax made from natural, bio-degradable and non-toxic materials. 

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