Kelly Slater Brings The Ocean To You

Kelly Slater Wave Company

Surfer Kelly Slater is closer to realizing his dream of giving everyone access to good quality ocean waves, every day of the week. Kelly hopes to create this new surf lifestyle through a breakthrough technology that creates natural feeling, world-class waves.

After 5 years of R&D, the team behind the Kelly Slater Wave Company succeeded in producing a wave-generation and control technology that creates the world's first natural, deep water, top class wave. The wave is generated on the outside of a large circular pool, propagating onto an inner island where it breaks endlessly. 

The resulting ocean style wave features a nice long wall with lots of power. The wave breaks like any ordinary wave would break on the beach. You can ride normal surfboards and can pretty much ride indefinitely until your legs give out. 

To help promote accessibility to the sport of surfing, the Kelly Slater Wave Company will develop, market and license their wave-generation and control technologies. The company also plans to open surf parks across the globe with beaches, restaurants, bars, pools, shops and even conference facilities. 

So be on the lookout for a Kelly Slater surf park near you!


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