Design Your Own Trail Running Shoes With Salomon


Your dream of running in custom-made trail shoes just took one step closer to reality. Last week, Salomon announced the S/LAB ME:sh program where by reducing both the number of components and manual operations required, you can create your own custom pair of running shoes.

The goal of Salomon S/LAB ME:sh program is to deliver a shoe that is built around your foot, based on your unique way of running, and also the terrain on which you run. To achieve this, Salomon looked at four key areas: anatomical fit (foot shape), biomechanical fit (during movement), where and how you use the shoes, and personal preferences such as feel and style (there are 768 color combinations to choose from).

S/LAB ME:sh running shoes require just 30 mechanical and manual operations to build, compared to the approximately 180 it currently takes to create a running shoe using normal production methods. In addition, each shoe will use only 12 components versus the current average of 50.

Rather than cutting many pieces of textile to create the shoe upper, it is now made from a sock-like component called Twinskin that is knit in 3D. The Twinskin takes the shape of a shoe upper through a unique, Salomon-designed process.

When placed in a fusion machine and heated to the correct temperature, one of the threads in the Twinskin melts and fuses all three layers, turning the Twinskin into a stable upper. You can designate the height and the width of the upper to match your foot shape and general preference.

From there, you get to further choose the drop, amount of cushioning (midsole and inserts), and the type of outsole to complete your running shoe. The upper and the lower parts of the shoe are then assembled in a manual pairing process before voilà — your own custom trail running shoe.

All you runners in Europe get first access to the S/LAB ME:sh program. A pair will set you back 300€. The rest of us will just have to wait but Salomon promises not for long.

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