A Textile Based Flexible Bike Lock


In order to deter theft, most bike locks are heavy, rigid, and cumbersome to carry. By contrast, Tex-lock is lightweight and flexible yet just as secure thanks to the high-tech materials and unique construction of this textile based lock.

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Gore to Ditch PFCs by 2023

Gore DWR

At ISPO this week, Gore officially announced their goal of eliminating PFCs from the life cycle of its consumer fabrics products over the next several years. This is a big commitment for Gore given their PTFE membrane is produced using PFCs and they have consistently stated they will not move away from PFCs until they can give the same performance guarantee on their products. But with the recent growth in alternative solutions, it should be an easier road forward for the company.

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Patagonia Walks Out on Utah

Bears Ears

A very big feud is brewing between the Outdoor Industry and the state of Utah, if not much of the rest of the country. And rightfully so. Thanks to the state’s notoriously anti-public lands conservation attitude, Outdoor Retailer announced yesterday they were actively looking for a new home in 2018 and now Patagonia says they are pulling out of the show altogether while it remains in Utah.

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New Fjällräven Alpine Collection

Fjallraven Bergtagen

For 2017, Fjällräven heads back to its roots with a full mountaineering collection. Designed in conjunction with their first sponsored mountain guide, the Bergtagen line includes everything from base layers and shells to puffy coats and a mummy foot sleeping bag — a full system to keep you protected when you set out to play above tree line.

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