Wahoo Releases Aerodynamic ELEMNT BOLT

Elemnt Bolt

The latest bike computer from Wahoo Fitness is the ELEMNT BOLT — a more aerodynamic system that will not only record your performance on the bike, but possibly help improve it. Normally, bike accessories are an afterthought when looking at aerodynamics but Wahoo decided to treat it like any other component and figure out how best to reduce drag. The result might just get you a PR in your next race.

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More Than Just a Cool Camp Light

Revel Light

Similar to Power Pratical’s Luminoodle light rope but up to nine times longer, the Revel Light creates a festive base camp for all your summer adventures. Throw in some survival tools built right into the light housing itself, and you have a super useful outdoor accessory.

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Escaping South to Soak Up Some Sun


With another set of storms rolling in to the already soaked and flooded Bay Area last week, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and go seek out some warm sunshine. The original plan was Hawaii, which quickly morphed into Florida, and finally landed on Southern California. Spring break is not exactly the best time to try to book flights and lodging at the last minute.

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Pure Cycles Volta Electric Bike

Pure Cycles Volta

For commuting around town or for getting someone out on a bike that might otherwise chose to drive, I think e-bikes are rad. In the past, e-bikes have been heavy, clunky, and didn’t get much mileage, making them tough to adopt. Following design cues from Faraday and others, Pure Cycles came up with a new e-bike that not only looks pretty cool, but gets 40 miles to the charge. Not to mention a bunch of other smart, connected features — and it’s pretty affordable, too.

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