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Millet Michelin

From Tires To Soles: Michelin Takes On Outdoor Footwear

Millet Michelin

At PressCamp the other week, many of the footwear brands we spoke to were getting ready to launch shoes with Michelin outsoles. Under Armour was one of the first to market with their Fat Tire shoe last season, but now brands such as AKU, Hi-Tec and even Millet have joined forces with Michelin.

Ouray Ice Festival

If You Want To Learn, Teach

Ouray Ice Festival

I had the fortune of teaching a Novice Ice clinic at the Ouray Ice Festival this year on behalf of Millet. While I was incredibly nervous beforehand, it turned out to be extremely fun. My clinic was filled with a great group of climbers (they were rock stars and so positive) and it forced me to take a step back and understand why I do certain movements when I ice climb so that I could simply communicate the basics of form to those that may just be starting out on the ice.

Ice Climb Layers

Essential Ice Climbing Layers

Ice Climb Layers

The key to staying warm when ice climbing is to dress in layers. You need to be able to start out the day wearing just your baselayer or midlayer for the approach, then continue to add and remove layers throughout the day as you climb and belay. This is my current ice climbing apparel setup for the season. While the individual pieces may change from year to year, the general layering concept remains the same.

Millet Low Impact Triaxiale Eco-Friendly Climbing Rope

Millet Low Impact Triaxiale Eco Friendly Climbing Rope

French company Millet has been working hard to reduce their ecological footprint and make outdoor gear that is produced more sustainably. Last summer, Millet announced their partnership with Rhodia to recycle old climbing rope. Now, Millet has taken their popular Triaxiale climbing rope series and reduced energy consumption, packaging and used fewer chemicals during production of the new Low Impact Triaxiale. 

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