Polartec Launches New Power Fill Synthetic Insulation

Power Fill

In time for the upcoming Outdoor Retailer show in Denver and ISPO in Munich, Polartec just announced their latest fill-style insulation. Made from 80% post-consumer recycled content, Power Fill uses a proprietary hollow fiber construction to create a synthetic insulation that is warm, soft, and durable.

Using a matrix of hollow polyester fibers constructed in a distinct geometric pattern, Power Fill forms thousands of air pockets to capture your body heat. The fill maintains an equalized thermal layer between the cold air outside and the warm air inside the garment.

In talking with CEO Gary Smith in Tucson at the end of last year, he mentioned that Polartec is all about trade secrets versus patents. Power Fill looks to be no different. An proprietary melting process bonds each hollow fiber, eliminating the need for some sort of stabilizer while increasing the drapability and creating a more pliable fill. The polyester fiber’s inherent hydrophobic properties also work to ensure that Power Fill resists moisture absorption and dries quickly, while maintaining a high warmth to weight ratio.

Power Fill is available in four different weights – 60, 80, 100 and 135 g/m2. Local company Triple Aught Design was the first to use Power Fill in their Bastion Hoodie.

For Fall 2018, Millet chose Power Fill for their Elevation Airloft Hoodie. Concentrated in the most important areas, the hoodie is warm, breathable, and allows for unrestricted movement. The thermal mid layer also offers a hood that can be worn under a helmet, a single large chest pocket for an ultra minimalist design, and a double-slider front zip for use with a harness.

Expect to see further Power Fill announcements from Flylow, MtnLogic, and Giro in the coming weeks.

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