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September 16, 2012


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sf hiker

not seeing the sale on columbia site, is there link?

Amy Jurries

Hey SF Hiker- in case you didn't find it yet, the sale is here: http://bit.ly/O9D9j1 Still time!


I think my question is: how long does the fabric keep absorbing sweat and dishing out the cooling sensation? Long term does it keep doing this or will it only last a couple of months before I need to purchase another?

Amy Jurries

Hey David- I am still wearing my Spring 12 Omni-Freeze Zero gear pictured here and it is going strong. I have noticed that it is beginning to wear around the arm pits where my backpack straps hit but no holes or anything yet. The technology itself won't wash out because it is not a chemical but a physical polymer woven into the fabric. Does that answer your question?

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