Millet Latest to Adopt Boa Technology

Boa Technology

I was excited to see that Millet recently joined the group of outdoor footwear brands utilizing the Boa Lacing System, even designing the laces into a mountaineering boot (Radikal Pro). One of the biggest headaches in mountaineering, ice, or mixed climbing is having to retie your boots throughout the day. Not an easy task when it's freezing cold outside or you are perched in a precarious position. 

One thing I really like about Boa is their dedication to intellectual property- one of the best ways to create value in a company. Apparently I am not the only one that thinks so as they were nominated as a Colorado Company to Watch this year.

Founder and CEO Gary Hammerslag filed some of his first patents back in 1997 and has so far been awarded three in the US. The company has several more pending. The Boa Lacing system can now be found in everything from snowboarding boots and hockey skates to cycling or golfing shoes. Keep coming with the mountaineering and climbing boots-Scarpa? La Sportiva?

Boa Laces Patent Drawing

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