The Noseless ECD Seat

Last week, Ergonomic Comfort Design (ECD)launched the "noseless" saddle in the UK. The nose of the saddle has been removed in order to reduce pressure on the sensitive perineum area and shift the cyclist's weigh back onto the sit bones. 

The saddle was originally designed by Thomas White, former head of industrial design at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Supposedly his design has been available in the US for awhile with people such as the Chicago Police using it within their Bike Team.  

ECD Seat

Mr. White has of course many patents surrounding the design. I was actually amazed to see the amount of "bike saddle/seat" patents that have been applied for and awarded in the past few years. Everything from a rounded dome seat that pivots with the cyclists movements to numerous flexible nose seats. 

Will any of the major cycling brands or cyclist adopt this seat? Do they really work to relieve pain in both men and women as well? Is a cyclist able to have the same control over their bike? Answers remain to be seen….

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