MotionX Amps Up


When legendary entrepreneur Philippe Kahn has not been sailing, he has been busy creating the technology behind his latest company Fullpower. 

At D7 yesterday, Fullpower launched their MotionX-Recognition Engine for mass market devices, which enables features such as full gesture recognition, pedestrian navigation and image stabilization among others. 

In sports related applications, the Fullpower sensor system, when integrated into a consumer device (MP3 player, iPhone, headset, eyewear, etc.), can deliver accurate step count, instantaneous speed and distance calculation, connection with coaching infrastructure and precision navigation.

MotionX technology is already behind some popular iPhone applications such as MotionX-GPS, MotionX-Poker and MotionX-Dice. The new Recognition Engine aims to improve the accuracy and experience of detecting motion even further. 

D7 Video: Fullpower Demo

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