Innovation for Extremes

Innov_ex, the only Outdoor Industry conference in the world solely dedicated to innovation, took place at the beginning of May at Lancaster University in the UK. Innovation for Extremes offers a unique platform from which to build industry best practice and specific initiatives related to sustainability, general green issues and innovation.  The organization behind the conference was started by Mike Parson, former owner of Karrimor, and Mary Rose, Professor at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at Lancaster University. Their collaboration on the book Invisible on Everest: Innovation and the Gear Makers, published in 2003, led them to try and foster a broader community discussion on the merits of innovation in the outdoor industry.

The UK Outdoor Industry Association sponsored this 7th annual event where the theme of the day was product and business innovation during the economic downturn. The conference brought together academics, manufacturers, designers, retailers and brands to discuss everything from rapid manufacturing processes to carbon footprinting.

Podcasts of the conference will soon be available and they even have a Facebook Group to join. 
I would love to see more community discussion on innovation like this happen in the US or even on a more global scale. It doesn't have to be a separate conference- one day dedicated to innovation at another existing conference such as Outdoor Retailer could be a start.
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