Hogwarts and Patagonia Use Lochaven


Since the second Harry Potter Film, Hogwarts school uniforms have been made by Scottish textiles firm Lochaven International. Now it looks Patagonia too will use Lochaven's lambswool felt Natural Fleece material in future outdoor clothing ranges. 

Natural Fleece was patented by Lochaven International and is a unique way of making wool soft and durable enough to be commercially viable. The felt is made through a process of loosely knitting lambswool, which is then naturally treated to create a soft, durable felt. Patagonia has supposedly tried unsuccessfully for 10 years to produce a wool-based felt similar to Nature Fleece for its outdoor range.

If you can't wait for Patagonia to come out with their Natural Fleece based line or are obsessed with Harry Potter, you can order your own Hogwarts Uniform directly from Lochaven.  

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