Lance and Levi Talk to DZ-Nuts Founder

Lance and Levi Talk to Dave Zabriskie — powered by

One of the funniest Giro D'Italia videos so far from Lance Armstrong is his pre-race interview with Dave Zabriskie, the founder of DZ-Nuts chamois cream. 

The trend in both men's and women's cream is the use of "all-natural" ingredients as worry grows over what harm parabens and other chemicals may do when applied to your skin. 

There are plenty of reviews out there comparing chamois creams so no point in doing that here.  It's worth mentioning some of the more popular all natural creams which have hit the market lately including Nubutte, Sportique Century Riding Cream, Chomper Body and Beljium Budder. There are now plenty of "all-natural" ways to keep your saddle sores at bay! 

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