Patagonia Employees Use Goose


Patagonia has recently started using the commuter management platform from Seattle based Goose Networks.

Goose's software as a service platform provides employees with a personal calendar where they can drag and drop icons to keep track of their daily commute options. Each employee also has access to a map based view of carpool opportunities and public transport options. 

Visual impact displays instantly highlight the environmental, and even personal cost saving impact of all your commuting activity and results can even be compared to the rest of your colleagues. Some companies seem to use these reports in order to offer financial commuting based rewards to their employees.

A cool program for companies that want to incentivize their employees to find more efficient ways of commuting but what about for individuals who aren't provided this at work or may want to carpool with someone from a different company? I can see this actually becoming a great consumer platform (sure the questions begin on how to charge, other revenue streams, etc) and possibly doing a partnership with Polar, Nike, Garmin, TomTom and others to integrate their data.  The possibilities are endless….

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