Lance Needs Action Wipes?



Natural wet wipe creator Action Wipes is on a campaign to get Lance Armstrong to use their wipes. Born out of a need to be clean at Burning Man a couple of years ago, Life Elements founder, Martha Van Inwegan, repackaged her natural family wipe with the tag line "get it off before you get it on" and sent them off with her husband to the desert of Nevada. They were a huge success and have been growing in popularity ever since, especially with cyclists and triathletes.

The wipes are extra big, naturally antiseptic and anti-fungal and promise not to leave you sticky or smelling like a baby's bottom.  In addition they are reusable and recyclable!

Sounds like a much better alternative for climbing adventures though will they stand up to the freeze test? Apparently so as 10% of all proceeds this month go toward the Save the Poles expedition. If they are good enough for a polar explorer, I guess they are good enough for me!

Action Wipes

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