The UK to Fund Innovation in Sport


As a lead up to the London 2012
Olympics Games, government agency Sport England, is committed to creating a
sporting culture in England.

Armed with funds from the
National Lottery,
Sport England has put numerous funding and
grant programs in place. One in particular, called the Innovation Fund, will look to fund inventive ideas, which
help to remove barriers preventing participation, develop new ways of
exploiting technology or to inspire more people to take up physical activity by
adapting existing sports

The overall aim of this £5 million investment
program is to find and nurture genuine breakthroughs that will transform the
way community sport looks and feels in the future. 

As of May 12, the
Innovation Fund has begun accepting initial applications and this first stage
is open until August 10th.  

To find out more about the
funding requirements, visit the Sport England Innovation Fund site.

Sport England Innovation Fund

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