Joel Tudor Launches Kook Box Surfboard Line


Surfer and designer Joel Tudor announced the launch of his new surfboard line Kook Box, named after the Tom Blake hollow boards of the 1930s and used by the US Special Forces in training. 

The brand brings together Joel’s passion for surfboard design and experimentation as well as his  study of the martial arts. Apparel and board logos utilize images found in the manuscripts written by the canadian doctor who helped train the Special Forces eighty years ago.  

Kook Box has a strong respect for surfboard design history. “We at Kook Box are on a quest for improvement.  Sometimes what we throw away and disregard as unusable or outdated one day turns out to be what we are really looking for all the time…" stated Joel. For example, the Standard Fish shortboard was inspired by an old Rick Surfboard he found in a dumpster at Hermosa Beach.

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