Jungfrau Climate Guide for iPhone

Jungfrau Climate Guide

If you happen to be traveling to the Jungfrau region this summer, be sure to check out the Jungfrau Climate Guide application for the iPhone.

The application acts as a hiking guide, including information on the subject of climate change. The guide includes audio files which take you along seven paths in different parts of the Jungfrau region where you can listen to information about scientists’ current state of knowledge on climate change and at the same time see the impact it is having on the landscape in front of you.

A bonus section includes additional interviews, videos, slideshows and a complete documentary film.  Dozens of illustrated texts allow you to go more deeply into topics that you find particularly interesting. The application also includes a plant identification key for species in the region you may encounter along your hike.

An iPhone complete with the Jungfrau Climate Guide can be rented for CHF 20 at each of the tourist offices in the region. You can also download a shorter version of the guide directly onto your own iPhone from the App Store for $9.99.

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