Bheestie Bag to Dry Out Electronics

Bheestie Bag

Two sisters from Oregon invented the Bheestie Bag after one of their sons dropped his new Gameboy in a pond. Because of a lifelong struggle with a hearing loss and hearing aids, they knew that electronics could actually be dried out.

Electronics get subjected to damaging moisture constantly from sweat, rain, spills, and humidity. Little blue beads within the Bheestie Bag pull moisture out of electronics as they are sealed inside for 24 hours or more.  Bheestie keeps personal electronics working better and potentially lasting longer and can be used for daily maintenance after sports and activities: running, skiing, golfing, boating, travel, gym, walking, beach, biking, water sports or even accidental soakings. Each bag can last up to a year.

Bheestie is available at REI or from the Bheestie website.
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