HydraPouch for Easy Race Hydration


Boulder-based engineer and athlete Craig McSavaney, tired of drinking out of paper cups at race aid stations, created the patent pending, personal hydrator beverage container HydraPouch.

The unique design has been specifically optimized to improve a racer's entire hydration experience during a road or trail race. The HydraPouch is a lightweight flexible container that a runner can open and close with one hand, fill at an aid station without stopping, carry comfortably while running and drink from without spilling the contents. The HydraPouch is made from FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone rubber and can last for many years.

Mr. McSavaney also created the HydraPour high-speed dispensing system for race directors who want to cut down or eliminate paper cup use altogether. It's a simple and intuitive valve that a runner can operate with one hand to fill any container at a rate of 6 ounces per second (filling a HydraPouch in one second).

The HydraPouch is available online for $16.95 or at a growing number of running and multisport retail stores. 

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