More Coffee Options For The Backcountry

Nature's Coffee Kettle

The never ending debate on what device makes the best coffee in the backcountry continues. Enter the newest contender- Nature's Coffee Kettle

Nature's Coffee Kettle (NCK) is the first patent pending coffee brewer in a bag. The product comes as a lightweight, self-contained, complete coffee making unit.  Tear open the pouch that comes pre-loaded with a coffee ground filter pod, pour in four cups of hot water, and thirty seconds later you have a pouch of coffee.

The Company also offers tea and plans to expand the line into hot chocolate and soup in the near future. 

Nature's Coffee Kettle

Talking with Beth TerMaat at Outdoor Retailer, the idea is for NCK to sit alongside the other freeze dried food offerings on retail shelves, becoming just another item you stock up on for your backcountry adventures.  

The big question remains-will the taste beat GSI's Java Drip
and Mini Expresso  or even the Handpresso? Does the disposable convenience of the NCK outweigh the environmental impact as well as the ultralight convenience of other devices such as the MSR Mugmate?  

Let's hear thoughts from all you backcountry coffee lovers.

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