Kuru Anatomical Active Footwear

Kuru Footwear

Though they were not exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer, I had the opportunity to meet with Kuru Footwear Founder and CEO Bret Rasmussen. Kuru is a relatively new company offering footwear with orthotic quality support built into the shoe versus taking the aftermarket approach of insoles. 

Bret was originally working for a composite manufacturing start-up when it ran out of cash. Instead of going to work for someone else, he decided to pursue the passion he has had since 5th grade- footwear. Bret named his company Kuru after a town in Finland that is known for it's environmental conservation and pure water. Like the town, Kuru Footwear donates a portion of its profits to various sustainability causes that the customers can chose. 

The patent-pending KuruSole was developed by a team of Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Physical Therapists and Footwear Specialists. Unlike the flat footbed in most active footwear, the Kuru midsole instantly conforms to the foot and includes an orthotic piece, the HeelKradl, that cups the heel. This cupping action enables the fatty tissue of the heel to remain underneath the heel bone, absorbing the impact shock and supporting the arch. Traditional flat insoles smash the fatty pad under your heel on impact, damaging the tissue, and over time resulting in body pain. 

In addition to the advanced technology built in the shoe, the Kuru line tries to emulate the best of Scandinavian design. Kuru shoes can be bought from their website or from certain dealers.

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