OrthoSole Fully Customizable Insole


Customization was a big theme at Outdoor Retailer this year and new insole company OrthoSole is a prime example of the trend.

The concept originated with Aimee and Damian Donzis while they were marketing a footbed line for another company. The couple quickly assembled an international team of podiatry and sports professionals, orthopedic surgeons, product development and marketing specialist to help create a revolutionary new insole. German Pedorthist Martin Trautmann, maker of customized orthotics for leading athletes, signed on as Technical Director for the Company.

After three years of product development, OrthoSole emerged with a patent pending footbed design that can be easily customized through adjustable arch and metatarsal support elements. Each footbed includes six support combinations that can be interchanged according to the wearer's individual requirements. The arch support pads range from light, medium to firm and the metatarsal pads come in light and medium. The corresponding color shade of each pad increases as they move from light to firm to ease in identification. By varying the combination of each type of pad, the wearer can change the degree of support in each foot or according to the activity involved. 


The innovative design of OrthoSole improves the alignment of the foot and therefore the body, reducing the normal aches and pains of exercise, physical stress on joints and body fatigue. 

Right now OrthoSole are targeting the retro-fit customer, but the Company is also looking to partner with shoe manufacturers to become an original component in the design. This concept would be similar to the Somnio shoe we mentioned in a previous post. 

Aimee gave me a pair of insoles to try out. I gave up running, except on the beach, awhile ago because it became too painful on my battle weary knee. I will definitely give the OrthoSoles a try and get back to you on my thoughts. 


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